This opening song from 'Namie Amuro - Hope' OST. ONE PIECE.
A song moment when Luffy VS Sanji in the Big Mom's power.
Did you follow this manga? :D
Hope you guys enjoy it!
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OST. One Piece - HOPE (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

From a long time I finally made the guitar tabs from Ost. Fast & Furious 8 " G-Eazy ft. Kehlani - Good Life ".
I arranged this song into acoustic guitar fingerstyle version.
My video cover on ~
Guitar TABS on ~
Enjoy guys! Other tabs will be avaible soon!
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Guitar Tabs of Ost. Fast & Furious 8 (G-Eazy ft. Kehlani - Good Life) Fingerstyle Cover by Chokepin

Finally I have a time again to cover a song. The song from "Simple Plan - Perfectly Perfect" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover).
[Tuning : EBGDAF / Guitar: Custom]
If you never heard before here the link:
Official Video -
Lyric Video -
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Simple Plan - Perfectly Perfect (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

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This is my Original Song entitled "Interlude" (Intro), just an intro still short version.

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Chokepin - Interlude (Official Audio)

My cover song of 'Imagine Dragons - Thunder' (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Version).

[ ...Thunder, feel the thunder

  Lightning and the thunder... ]

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Imagine Dragons - Thunder (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

The song from "The Chainsmokers - The One" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Version by Chokepin).
Hope u guys enjoy my cover!
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The One - The Chainsmokers (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

From Duo into One xD The song from "(デパペペ) DEPAPEPE - START!" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover) by me.
Usually this song is played by two people (duet), now can be played only one person xD.
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DEPAPEPE (デパペペ) - START! (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin) Guitar Solo

The new single from "Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You" with his brother.

And this is an Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover, arranged and performed by Chokepin.

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# So when your tears roll down your pillow like a river

I'll be there for you, I'll be there for you

When you're screaming, but they only hear you whisper

I'll be loud for you

But you gotta be there for me too

Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

Lagu dari "Armada - Asal Kau Bahagia" (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover).

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Asal Kau Bahagia - Armada (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover/ Acoustic Cover)

My arrangement of "G-Eazy & Kehlani - Good Life" (from The Fate of the Furious: The Album). OST. FAST AND FURIOUS 8.
Two middle fingers for the haters ✌.
This is my Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover. Hope you all enjoy it!
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G-Eazy & Kehlani - Good Life (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin) Ost. Fast & Furious 8

Finally! Guitar instrument of the awesome song from "The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This".
(Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover Version) with a little percussion.
I want something just like this :)
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Tuning: Standard (Capo on 2nd column).

Something Just Like This - Coldplay & The Chainsmokers (Fingerstyle Percussion Cover | Chokepin)

Lagu dari "Surat Cinta Untuk Starla - Virgoun "(Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover).
Arrabged & performed by Chokepin.
[Tuning: Standard / Guitar: Custom].
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Virgoun - Surat Cinta Untuk Starla (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

This is my arrangement of "Despacito - Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover).
Hope u guys enjoy it.
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Despacito - Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

Let's get moving on here! The song from "Marshmello - Moving On" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Version).
Arranged and performed by chokepin.
Watch the original official song --
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And when I'm gone, it won't be long 'til I'm
I'm coming home, I'm moving on with you
And when I'm gone, it won't be long 'til I'm
I'm coming home, I'm moving on with you

Marshmello - Moving On (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover/ Acoustic Cover | Chokepin)

Guitar Instrument Version of the song "DJ Khaled - I'm the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover).
This song is good so I cover this song. Im the one oeeooeeooo... Another one :D
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I'm the One - DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

SUMMER!! Yeah! The song from "MARSHMELLO" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Version) with percussion style.
Maybe Summer or Winter or ..... nvm.
Hope u guys like it! (Use Headseat/Headphone recommended)
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SUMMER - Marshmello (Fingerstyle Percussion Cover / Guitar Cover | Choke...

The song from "Bruno Mars - That's What I Like" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Version).
Hope you guys enjoy it! That's what I Like too :)
Tuning: Standard (capo on 1st)
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Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover/ Acoustic Cover)

Gak asing lagi kan sama lagu yang satu ini?
Lagu dari Ada Band feat Gita Gutawa - Yang Terbaik Bagimu, versi akustik fingerstyle nya (guitar solo instrument).
Tuning: Standard, Gitar: Custom.
Teringat masa kecilku kau peluk dan kau manja
Indahnya saat itu buatku melambung
Disisimu terngiang hangat napas segar harum tubuhmu
Kau tuturkan segala mimpi-mimpi serta harapanmu

Tuhan tolonglah sampaikan sejuta sayangku untuknya
Ku terus berjanji tak kan khianati pintanya
Ayah dengarlah betapa sesungguhnya ku mencintaimu
Kan ku buktikan ku mampu penuhi semua maumu

Kau inginku menjadi yang terbaik bagimu
Patuhi perintahmu jauhkan godaan
Yang mungkin ku lakukan dalam waktu ku beranjak dewasa
Jangan sampai membuatku terbelenggu jatuh dan terinjak
(Back to Reff)

Ada Band - Yang Terbaik Bagimu (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

This song so smooth, the song from "Bruno Mars - Versace On The Floor" (Acoustic Fingerstyle  Guitar Cover).

This is a guitar instrument version. Hope u guys enjoy it!

Tuning: Standard / Guitar: Custom.

Versace on The Floor - Bruno Mars (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover / Acoustic Cover)

The Chainsmokers - Young (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover / Acoustic Cover).

Arranged and perfromed by "Chokepin".

Tuning: Standard drop D (Capo on 2nd).

The Chainsmokers - Young (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover / Acoustic Cover)

The enjoy song from "Coldplay - Ink" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Version). Hope you guys enjoy it :)
It's so relaxed xD The song from Ghost Stories Album #Coldplay
Go see the official song here -
Tuning: Standard Drop D (Capo on 4th)
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Coldplay - Ink (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover / Acoustic Cover | Chokepin)

Nih lagu lama yang sampai sekarang masih aja enak di dengerin "Chrisye - Untukku" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Version).
Tuning: Standard, Gitar: Kostum.
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Chrisye - Untukku (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover/ Acoustic Cover) Walau ke Ujung Dunia

"Gumelem Ethnic Carnival night show 2015"

.Star: Nareswara ft. Chokepin ft. Upito bring a song from SO7 - Anugerah Terindah Yang Pernah Kumiliki dengan sedikit aransemen.

Location: Desa Gumelem, Banjarnegara.

Kinda Fales at Begining :v

Enjoy!! Check this out!

Anugerah Terindah - Sheila On 7 (Acoustic Cover)

The song from "Yuki Matsui (松井祐貴) - Flying to the Future".

Fingerstyle Guitar Cover / Acoustic Guitar Cover

Arranged and performed by me "chokepin.

Tuning: AEEF# BE

(Yuki Matsui 松井祐貴) Flying to the Future - Kelvin (chokepin)

Tralalala~ second version :)
This is the song from "Yuki Matsui - Flying to the Future" (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover). Arranged by me "chokepin".
Tuning: AEEF# BE.

Yuki Matsui - Flying to the Future (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin) New Arr.

This is a first part of "Andy Mckee - Drifting" song.

Tuning guitar: DADGAD.

(Andy Mckee) Drifting - Kelvin (Fingerstyle Drumming)

The song from "(Kotaro Oshio) - wings ~you are the HERO~".

Performed by Kelvin (chokepin) at Garage Sale 2014.

Solo Guitar, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover.

IFGC jogja - Indonesian Fingerstyle Guitar Community.

Kotaro Oshio - (wings) you are the HERO (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover)