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!walk in the rain

!run in the rain


Chokepin - Walk in the Rain (Vertical Video)

Wirang Drumming technique by "Fay Ehsan - Pray For Bali" solo guitarist from Javanese Island. It's similar like lap tapping and air tap guitar technique.

I'm adding traditional song from Indonesian "Gundul-gundul Pacul" (Medley) in the middle and some improvisation. Hope u guys enjoy it!

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Pray For Bali - Fay Ehsan (Guitar Percussive Cover) + Gundul2 Pacul

This opening song from 'Namie Amuro - Hope' OST. ONE PIECE.
A song moment when Luffy VS Sanji in the Big Mom's power.
Did you follow this manga? :D
Hope you guys enjoy it!
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OST. One Piece - HOPE (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

From a long time I finally made the guitar tabs from Ost. Fast & Furious 8 " G-Eazy ft. Kehlani - Good Life ".
I arranged this song into acoustic guitar fingerstyle version.
My video cover on ~
Guitar TABS on ~
Enjoy guys! Other tabs will be avaible soon!
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Guitar Tabs of Ost. Fast & Furious 8 (G-Eazy ft. Kehlani - Good Life) Fingerstyle Cover by Chokepin

Finally I have a time again to cover a song. The song from "Simple Plan - Perfectly Perfect" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover).
[Tuning : EBGDAF / Guitar: Custom]
If you never heard before here the link:
Official Video -
Lyric Video -
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Simple Plan - Perfectly Perfect (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

Hi there! Yeah you there! How are u? Wish u all are good always!

This is my Original Song entitled "Interlude" (Intro), just an intro still short version.

Thanks for your support guys for 100 subscriber! I hope you all are enjoying my videos and keep stay tuned!

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And about the Tabs, I will try to make it for the next plan since I was so busy for a long time ago =(

See you and have a good day! ¡Hasta luego!

Chokepin - Interlude (Official Audio)

My cover song of 'Imagine Dragons - Thunder' (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Version).

[ ...Thunder, feel the thunder

  Lightning and the thunder... ]

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Imagine Dragons - Thunder (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

The song from "The Chainsmokers - The One" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Version by Chokepin).
Hope u guys enjoy my cover!
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The One - The Chainsmokers (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin)

From Duo into One xD The song from "(デパペペ) DEPAPEPE - START!" (Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover) by me.
Usually this song is played by two people (duet), now can be played only one person xD.
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DEPAPEPE (デパペペ) - START! (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Chokepin) Guitar Solo